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I just love how perfect it was explained even without using words.

I’m beyond tired so close to giving up but phil 4:13 👆

Thank you for the surprise today 🙈☺️

Enrolled ✅ Food ✅ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ✅ Dress hunting ✅

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When you come into the kingdom, you don’t do what you feel like doing anymore. Before you come in you only did what you felt like doing. You don’t live by feelings in the kingdom. You live by faith, you walk and you live by faith, you don’t live by how you feel or you will live and be pottered by the way that seems right to a man. “Well, it feels good, I’ll do it.” Man, that got you in trouble. You don’t do what feels good. You do what God says through Holy Spirit thumping your heart everyday. You wake up everyday, “God, I thank You.”
Todd White (It’s Not About You)
elise white